Simon, Deputy Director of the Data Analytics (DA) team has beautifully written posts on Terminologies in the Data Analytics Field (Link) & Tools used by Data Analysts (Link). Do check them out!

I am Ganesh, the director of the DA team. This was something I shared with members at the Welcome Tea session. For the benefit of those who didn’t come, let me share with you what I did with VBA and why you should learn VBA.

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker, host and a filmmaker. His videos on Facebook and Youtube have accumulated over 200 million views. He was listed under the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his stunning work on spreading wisdom through digital media.

Click the video to view (IT IS A MUST WATCH!)

Jay Shetty Video Screenshot.jpg

What he said in the video has nothing to do with Data Analytics. I am just OBSESSED with him. I LOVE the way he speaks. No one can tell a story any better. I have watched EVERY SINGLE one of his videos on Youtube and Facebook. I have watched some over 20 times.

When I chanced upon him

I spotted him on Facebook 2 years back, in 2015. He has over 1.9 million likes on Facebook now. But back then, he had 800,000 likes. Every time he posts a new video or shares someone else’s post his likes just shoot up. I had this cool question. I wanted to find out how many likes he gets in a day.

The Search to answer my Question

You don’t come up with your own solution when you can find one online. I tried to find if someone created something to track Facebook likes over a period. Surprisingly, there were tools. But it wasn’t surprising when I found that such social media analytics tools costed money!

 My Own Solution

So, I decided to solve it myself, creating a simple solution to answer the question “On average, how many likes does Jay Shetty get in a day?”

Here’s what I did:

  • Created an Excel Workbook
  • Wrote a code that executes itself every day at 9am
  • Everytime the code runs
    1. Downloads Source Code for Jay Shetty’s Facebook page as of 9am
    2. Extract number of likes from Source Code
    3. Put data value into a new row in the current Excel Sheet
  • Chart that plots these data points updated automatically

Jay Shetty Tracking Screenshot 1.jpg    Jay Shetty Tracking Screenshot 2.jpg

Download the Excel VBA File here (Link)

For 2 months, I did nothing but wait…. And this is what I got at the end. I concluded that Jay Shetty gets about 3-5k likes every day! Amazingly it was a constant trend spanning the entire 2-month period.

Jay Shetty Tracking Screenshot 3.jpg

I spent 40 minutes, 20 lines of codes and saved valuable time. I got insights that people have to pay to get.

Let’s say I was a marketer, and I needed to choose a Stand-Up Comedian for an event. All I needed to do is create multiple sheets with the Facebook URLs of each of these Comedians. I wait for a month, and I have data to back my choice on which Stand Up Comedian will be the perfect match for the event. And I wouldn’t have spent a single cent!

 Focus of the VBA Team

That is the focus of the VBA team. We want you to take away a skillset which is practical and one that you can use to complement your existing skill set. Though we understand the big terminologies, it is not necessary for us to get involved in it because we are not going to be Data Analysts by profession.

 Learning Style

The VBA team will be focusing on Offline Learning accompanied by weekly sharing sessions. Resources and lesson plans will be posted on THIS BLOG. Everyone will have an individual project that they will work on for the week. We want you to work on something that really matters to you, just like my encounter above. We will gather together to share our learnings with each other during the weekly sharing sessions.

Activities Lined Up

Field Trips to Startups – To bring the learning out of the classroom, Simon and I are planning some field trips to startups which dabble with Data Analytics. Stay tuned for some exciting news soon! 😊

Excel & VBA Workshops – BAS will also be conducting Excel & VBA Workshops for the school Population! You can expect yourself to participate as a trainer or a facilitator in the latter half of this sem!

Looking forward to an exciting semester ahead with you all! Cheers!

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