Wk 5 Updates + TODO

Hello there!
Here’s an update about last week’s meeting and resources for the upcoming week.

1st Meeting (15-Sep-17) Updates

We had an awesome first meeting. Thanks for the 18 of you all who came down on such short notice.

We did a quick self-introduction and shared our project ideas with one another. The end goal for this semester is to turn every one of your personal project ideas into reality!

For those of you who did not attend the first meeting, do read my “Me + Jay Shetty + VBA” blog post here. I will just go through the refinement of Alex’s Idea here so that you all can understand my thought process.

Alex’s Idea:

Idea: Analyze data from YouTube Videos
Data Required: Demographics of Singaporeans on YouTube, how many videos they tend to watch, how often they are on YouTube, how Long is a session on YouTube, channels they frequent, how active they are (comments, shares, invites/downvotes)
Output: Draw insights on the different demographics that go on YouTube, what each age group prefers, the largest age group, the most active age group

GREAT IDEA! It is something that I would be interested to find out too! Analyzing demographics, session lengths are not possible because they are only available to the uploader. We can only scrape data that is on the surface (like views, likes and dislikes). So let us refine it. Notice how there is only one point of focus in this idea below (Youtube views)

Idea: Analyze how Youtube views climb from upload date (T+0 day) to T+3 Day
Data Required: Video Link when new video launched, Youtube Views every hour
Output: Hourly number of views for a particular video. 3 days x 24 hours = 72 Data Points

Wk 5 Updates Youtube Views
The idea can be further developed with a flowchart. Qns to be asked:
  • What kind of videos?
  • How do I know when a new video is launched?
  • Am I going to compare video views trend between youtube channels or within youtube channel?
  • Flow from start to end (E.g. put link intro program >> access website >> scrape Youtube Views from URL >> Close Website >> Store Views in an Excel File >> Repeat program with new sheet / file for new program)

ToDo for Week 2

1) Go through resources (do them in order) here
2) Do the exercises
3) Submit refined and detailed plan with flow process
VBA Members can drop me a msg in our whatsapp grp, Non-VBA members can drop me an email at ganesh.m@u.nus.edu if you have any questions.

Have a great week ahead guys!

Written by Ganesh Muthupalani

This blog is managed by the Data Analytics team of the National University of Singapore Business Analytics Society (NUS BAS), a student-run society that aims to strengthen the analytics capability of NUS Business School and build a community of future business leaders that are data-savvy. We will actively discuss and contribute to the ongoing development of the world of data in this blog.  

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