Wk 7 Todo

I watched this inspirational TED Talk “Build a school in the cloud” by Sugata Mitra recently.

Wk 6 Sugata Mitra.jpg
Here’s the link:
It is 20 minutes long, but DEFINITELY WORTH THE WATCH!

Sugata Mitra is an educational researcher and he says every time students have punishments or examinations the prefrontal cortex shuts down. But we expect students to perform.

Here’s the amazing part. He put a computer in a village in South India with tons of information downloaded about DNA replication and left without doing anything else. Small kids about 12 years old stood around the computers and learned on their own. He came back after a couple of months. Tested them and they got 30 percent. 30 percent wasn’t enough. He wanted to make them pass, so he got a young adult to stand behind them. Whenever they do anything she said “Well, wow, I mean, how did you do that? I could have never done that”. Soon the scores jumped to 50 percent.

Quote from his speech:
In the past, men and women used to sit and look up at the sky and say, “What are those twinkling lights?” They built the first curriculum, but we’ve lost sight of those wondrous questions. We’ve brought it down to the tangent of an angle. But that’s not sexy enough. If you tell a nine-year-old is to say, “If a meteorite was coming to hit the Earth, how would you figure out if it was going to or not?” And if he says, “Well, what? how?” you say, “There’s a magic word. It’s called the tangent of an angle,” and leave him alone. He’ll figure it out.
I was so inspired by what Sugata Mitra did. For this week, I’m not going to give you resources 😃

Let me excite you with something I did, you guys try to reverse engineer it. There are a list of 10K Vocab Words and it will generate a random list of 10 words every time I click a button. Something like a daily vocab digest. You need what you learnt last week and knowledge about generating a random number. After you have reverse engineered, go ahead and build something creative on top of it!

Vocab Daily Digest.xlsm – http://tinyurl.com/VocabDailyDigest

So the question is “If you need to build a daily vocab digest, how would you do it?”. Have fun!

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