Wk 8 ToDo

Glad that you guys watched Sugata Mitra’s speech last week despite your busy schedules. The way Till took education into his own hands was something I really loved and has changed the way I look at education. Do watch if you are free!

What we covered the past week:

  • Basics of VBA
    • Sub Procedures, For Loops, Strings, Integers
    • Immediate Window, F5, F8, Functions
  • Storing and Retrieving values from Excel Sheet

What needs to be covered:

We are only two steps away from completing our projects.

  1. Learn how to download the source code of a particular website
  2. Take out the information you need from the source code (String Manipulation)

This week we will learn about String Manipulation. I did up slides and exercises for this topic last semester. So I’m going to reuse them. You can access the resources here: https://tinyurl.com/basmodule8


  1. Read through the powerpoint notes. Google for supplementary information.
  2. Do the exercises in “Module 8 String Manipulation – Blank.xlsm
  3. Crack the Secret Vault as your final challenge!

Your learning is in your own hands! Happy Learning! 🙂

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