I am a big fan of TED talks. I watch voraciously and often share the good ones with my friends.

Both Youtube and TED sort videos by “Most Viewed”. And the top videos are like monopolies. They hold their ground and never change.

TED Talk Popular Page.jpg

I asked myself if there were precious gems hidden deep in the TED Treasure Trove? How do I find gems that haven’t been discovered (gone viral)?

I went to TED.com, found a popular TED talk. Searched for this talk on TED’s Youtube Channel. Obtained the views, likes it has received and calculated the like per view ratio. Then I did this for 2400 other videos that came up on TED’s popular list (with VBA of course).

I guessed that there may be good videos that have not gone viral. And the only way to find those gems were to calculate the percentage of viewers who liked the video. A high percentage could mean that the videos were more likely to be impressive/ amazing/ inspiring/ motivating/ informative/ funny.

I was on to something (you decide if it is big or small). I must admit, I was dreaming (while scraping data) about selling this finding to Youtube.

I sorted out the data based on Likes per View and got a list of the hidden gems. Surprisingly, the videos on the top of the list were those with less than 100,000 views. They were indeed undiscovered gems.

2017-11-06 TED Talks Data.png

And here are the top 10 hidden gems according to my logic:



I have watched the first 3 videos and they are amazing. Let me know what you think about the rest! I have annotated the VBA code with comments for easy understanding.

Download the TED Data Excel File (here)

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