Wolf Pack is Data Analytics Team’s new initiative for AY17/18 Semester 2. I envision NUS Business Analytics Society (BAS) to be a place where there is no leader, individuals share knowledge with other, and work on practical and exciting projects.

Pick the Problem, then learn the Tools

I have been watching lots of videos on education and collaborative environments over the holidays. This interview by Elon Musk really struck me: Elon Musk created his own school for his 5 kids. And this is what he says,

“It is important to teach problem-solving, not just the tools to fix a problem. Teach Students how engines work, instead of screwdrivers and wrenches.”

I learnt Text Analysis much much faster when I had an idea to work on and then learn relevant tools.

About Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack aims to create a collaborative learning environment for anyone who would like to learn Data Analytics. Our activities are inspired by Google’s Design Sprint process. Just like what Elon Musk said, each wolf pack will pick an idea and then learn relevant skills to build a prototype.

Shift from the BAS’s Old Teaching Approach

In the past, teachers and schools were the monopolies of knowledge. Books and Libraries were the only sources of knowledge. But today there is an abundance of tutorials and resources online. I strongly believe that education should shift towards independent learning. BAS’s core activity was teaching VBA biweekly in AY16/17. With the online tutorials and the Data Analytics specialization in NUS, I am certain that BAS needs to provide students something that they can’t get online or from their course.

Plus – Equals – Minus Approach

As I was reading up on self-learning, I came across the Plus – Equals – Minus Approach to Learning. We are going to apply this approach to make our Wolf Pack sessions valuable!

Plus: A wise mentor to guide you along the way

Our weekly sharing sessions will host Professors, Computing Students and Peers who specialize in Data Analytics. They will listen to our ideas, and offer us guidance and feedback along the way.

Equal: Loyal Allies to learn and struggle with you

Each Wolf Pack will have about 5-6 members. The group will work on a practical idea together. We don’t just learn from 1 teacher, but 6 peers and other Wolf Packs.

Minus: Teach other motivated learners

We want to promote independent learning in the club. The workshops that we hold for Business School will be an opportunity for our Wolf Pack members to share their knowledge with other motivated learners. We are also looking to expand our workshops from Excel and VBA to other topics like R, Tableau & Machine Learning soon.

The workshops are not meant to be comprehensive. Our workshops will give a very clear overview of the topic, cover the fundamentals of it. With the basics anchored, students can venture as far as they want on their own. Wolf Pack is always there to support students in their learning journey!

 Timeline for this Semester


Wrapping Up

We have got some big ambitions and targets set for this sem! Looking forward to an exciting semester ahead.

The Wolf Pack team will continue to document our progress over this semester. Do join our Telegram Channel http://t.me/nusbasblog for updates!

Written by Ganesh Muthupalani

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