SEP Module-Mapping Optimizer

Are you wrecking your brain over module mapping and deciding which University to apply for your Student Exchange Program (SEP)? As a typical year 2 Business Student, we are sure you will find yourself in a phase where you are constantly scratching your head over SEP University selection. You may have already spent hours on MYISIS website, tediously looking out for what each overseas university has to offer; choosing the best university for yourself. As a group of NUS Business Students, these are exactly what we experienced and can relate to these hardships as well!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-05 at 11.39.35 PM.jpeg

But what if we say that we can offer you a faster and simpler solution to all your SEP module-mapping problems?

Wolf Pack in NUS Business Analytics Society

As part of NUS BAS’s new initiative, Wolf Pack, we were challenged as a group to come up with a student-life related problem and use data analytics (DA) solutions to solve it. We intend create a SEP Module-mapping optimizer for the students to kick off their overseas university selection process.

How we envision the optimizer to work

Our group is trying to come up with an optimizer that can return the top 5 Universities that can satisfy student’s Module Mapping needs. By keying up to 8 different module codes in the system, the optimizer will run through the Module Master List to come up with the Top 5 Overseas Universities that best satisfy these criteria.

A Summary of our Progress thus far

  1. Acquiring and cleansing of the Equivalent Module Master List

From BBA Office, our group has acquired the most updated version of the Module Master List. This list consists of all the possible mappable NUS Business modules and their mirror modules in all other universities overseas.

  1. Running the Optimizer using Python

We carried on to using Python codes to return the search of the Top 5 Overseas University. As shown below, python has successfully return the values of the 5 universities that satisfy most of the module selected.


Limitations & Challenges

Through BBA Office, we were notified that most updated version of the Module Master List may subject to changes and all data were gathered historically. One of the primary reason for such is because the other universities overseas will only release the changes in their module every summer. Thus, even BBA office is unable to acquire a fixed format for the Master List. This potential spell additional setback for future updates.

The second challenge we experienced was the conversion of the Python file into HTML format. Without a HTML file, we are unable to display our program online. Initially, our team decided to use Flask as a solution. However, this will still be running on the python code which means the program will only be accessible through the localhost and not online. In hindsight, Javascript would probably have been a better coding language for this project but at the beginning, our team only had Python skills on hand to work with. Thus, with the project reaching its final phase, we are left with the python file as we are unable to convert the code to a HTML format.

Project Conclusion

Although our team failed to create a HTML file for all users to easily access our program online, we have created a zipped file containing our python code for download. We have also converted the file such that the application is executable even without the installation of python on the computer. Unfortunately, this file is only executable on the Windows platform and not IOS.

Here are the steps required to run this program:

Step 1: Download the zipped file from the link below:

Step 2: Unzip and open the file

Step 3: Double click the NUSBusinessModuleMappingApp (application type file) and click “extract all”

NUSBusinessModuleMappingApp extract python.JPG

Step 4: Enter the new extracted file and run the NUSBusinessModuleMappingApp (application type file)

NUSBusinessModuleMappingApp python file.JPG

Step 5: Your screen should now display the following image:

NUSBusinessModuleMappingApp Screenshot.JPG

Follow the instructions prompted by the program and that is all!

As much as we have learnt from this project, we also hope that we will benefit anyone who is looking for a SEP position. We hope that our program will assist you in your module mapping process and may you land the university you desire.
Cheers everyone!

 The members of the team include:

Tan Yi Hng, Year 2, BBA

Alexis Loh, Year 2, BBA

Ang Guo Sheng, Year 1, BBA

Harrison Ong Hua Yang, Year 1, BBA



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