VBA Tutorial for Internships Pt. 1

The Internship VBA Tutorial Series is an initiative by NUS Business Analytics Society. We want to help University Students learn fundamental VBA Skills at their own pace with a comprehensive and streamlined learning resource.

This guide is the first of a 4 part series that will benefit individuals who are learning VBA for internships, covering common use cases that we ourselves have encountered based on our own experiences. At the end of the series, individuals should have a acquired a comprehensive base of VBA skills that they can use and further refine in their chosen field of work.

This tutorial was put together by Goh Jun Hui and Ganesh Muthupalani.


Click to download the Excel Tutorial Series – Working File


Landing Page
This will be the first screen that you will see upon opening the Working File. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you haven’t!


Using the Workbook
Click the various buttons on the “Mod” tabs to view the answers for each exercise e.g. Mod1Ex1
Click the “Shortcuts” button to navigate between exercises in the same sheet
Capture 2

Guiding Instructions for Modules
Guiding instructions on each Sheet will share with you each Module’s objective and instructions.
Capture 3

Apply what you’ve learned in Assignments
After you’ve mastered the basics, try applying your new skills in our assignments. These represent simplistic representations of real world scenarios that allow you to test your skills.

Capture 4

Note that there are multiple ways to approach the assignment questions. The answer keys given are only 1 possible solution. Additionally, you may not have everything you need in terms of the technical codes we’ve provided to you in your learning modules at this point in time, so you will have to go online to fill in the missing pieces of knowledge that you need, just like in the real world!

* Tune in next week for the 2nd part of our Internship VBA Tutorial Series and Happy Learning! *

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