Wrapping Up: BACT AY17/18

Hi everyone! My name is Ganesh. I was the Director for the Data Analytics Team in NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team (BACT) for AY 17/18.

Each leadership team works very hard to create value. Sadly, when the new team takes over, all their efforts and activities are forgotten. This is a summary of club’s past activities (AY 1617 & 1718), hoping this would be beneficial to the subsequent leadership teams.

BACT AY16/17

[External] Excel Workshops

BACT conducted Excel Workshops in Lecture Theatres for NUS Business School students. The training materials done up by Fauzi were comprehensive! I heard Fauzi referred to Excel Textbooks to come up with the resources. We adopted it as the base for the AY17/18 workshops.

Conducting workshops in a Lecture Theatre didn’t really work. There were about 80 to 100 students in the LT. Students sitting at the back couldn’t see what the trainer was doing on the screen. a mass lecture wasn’t the best format to teach practical topics.

[Internal] Training Team

Students not in the Projects Team were in the Training Team. Students were split into Core & Recreational members. Core Members prepared materials and conducted VBA sessions biweekly for the recreational members.

Learning was passive. Recreational members, amidst challenging school work, often lost touch with topics they learnt previously. Moving on to new topics after 2-week gaps was tough. A significant portion of the training was spent catching up on the previous lesson.

[Internal] Projects Team

The Projects Team consisted of a small group of skilled students. They worked on external projects representing NUS & BACT.

BACT AY17/18

Online Resources on http://www.nusbasdata.wordpress.com

Simon Hung, Fan Ting Wei & I put together an online tutorial series over the holidays to pick up new skills (VBA, R & Tableau). We felt that our peers who were interested should not be denied access to learning because the workshops were fully subscribed. The next leadership team is working on a VBA Internship Edition and Python Tutorial Series.

What makes our Tutorial series different from the tons of resources online is that? Our resources are streamlined (keeping in mind Students who don’t have much time) covering only topics that are relevant to students. We aim to excite those learning by bringing them through an interesting project.


Jun Hui, Chief Trainer, conducting a VBA Workshop for NUS Business School Students (AY17/18 Semester 2)

Taking into account the feedback from the previous workshop runs, we conducted Seminar-styled workshops this semester. Broke down each workshop into 2 parts, 2 hours each. We made many tweaks to the teaching resources and style over the semester.

We expanded the scope of our workshops to VBA & R this semester. All our Workshop resources have been uploaded online on our blog. Thanks to the Workshop Team, the club has conducted a total of 500 student hours of training over the semester.

Excel & VBA Workshop for PGP Residents

With Li Shuai’s support (BACT AY17/18 President), the club conducted Excel & VBA Workshops in both semesters. This was the club’s first paid engagement. All 4 workshop sessions were fully subscribed. Hope this partnership with PGP Residence continues in the coming years.

[Internal] Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack was designed to replace the previous Internal training team. Wolf Pack aimed to promote independent learning and learning by working on practical problems rather than passively listening.

Wolf Pack Group Photo.jpg
The Wolf Pack team at the Closing Session (AY17/18 Semester 2)


Students who were interested to join the club were required to complete an assignment after the tutorial series within a 2 week period. The assignment was designed to filter students who were capable of independent learning. Their existing technical skills did not matter at all.

Summary of Wolf Pack Projects

The team has documented the process, ideologies and projects entire process from start to end. Check them out here – https://nusbasdata.wordpress.com/wolf-pack/

  1. Sentiment Analysis to analyze if NUS Students are happy or sad?
  2. Using Timetable data to forecast Shuttle Bus Traffic demand
  3. Exchange Module Mapping Optimizer
  4. Module Recommendation Engine for GEMs & Electives

What went well?

  1. Assignment was a good recruitment tool compared to interviews. Students had to invest time to learn and submit the assignment
  2. Really glad that all 4 teams completed their project despite busy schedules. The intention was to make a quick prototype and learn new skills in 5-8 weeks. Not to make a fully functional product.
  3. Organized a 1hr Data Analysis Challenge where groups tried to derive insights from 3 month Uniqlo pricing data – (Link)

What could have been improved?

  1. The Assignments were said to be easy. Could possibly raise the standards.
  2. Coming up with a project idea was tough. Students had no clue where to start. It is important to understand the technological innovations and their capabilities before generating ideas.
  3. Within each group, students learnt at different pace. Students who were slower were left behind. Could possibly group students with similar skill levels together.  

[Internal] Projects Team

The Projects Team, headed by Lin Chun, had a structured training programme during the semester. Members covered a broad range of topics (Python, R, Tableau) during 2hr sessions every Monday & Thursday.

Carousell talk
BACT members, NUS Business School Students with Shannon Chan from Carousell!

The Projects Team also invited Cliff to share about his life as a Data Analyst & Shannon to talk about the Data Analytics in Carousell.

Here’s a Facebook Album reviewing NUS Business Analytics Society’s activities in photos

Lots of have been accomplished over the years. Wishing the subsequent leadership team (headed by Fan Ting Wei) all the best for their upcoming term! 🙂

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