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“Experience Sharing by Li Shuai”

Li Shuai
NUS BACT, AY 17/18

Summary of BACT AY17/18 


  • Added VBA & R workshops to pro bono activities for NUS Business School students.
  • Shifted workshops from Lecture Theatres to Seminar Rooms. Had to conduct repeat runs due to over-subscription.
  • First Paid Assignment – Conducted Excel & VBA Workshops for PGP Residences in both Semester 1 & 2

Website & Recruitment

  • Revamp of the NUS BACT Website. Launched Tutorial series for VBA, Tableau and R.
  • Started recruitment of members through VBA, Tableau & R Assignment Challenge (posted on the NUS BACT website).

Training Team

  • Launched 3 sub teams within Training Team (VBA, Predictive Analytics & Tableau). With each team having about 15-20 members in AY17/18 Sem 1.
  • Launched Wolf Pack in AY17/18 Sem 2 to promote independent learning and working on practical projects. Click here to view articles and projects (Link)

Projects Team

  • Sem 1 – Sentiment analysis, Pricing Analysis, Manpower Optimization for external companies & organizations
  • Sem 2 – Internal Projects on HDB Pricing Analysis & Sentiment Analysis on Facebook comments