About Us


NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team is a group of students in various specialization who are passionate about learning and applying advanced business analytics beyond the classroom with real-world projects, through knowledge sharing between students, alumni, and the teaching faculty.

We aim to strengthen the analytics capability of NUS Business School students and build a community of future business leaders that are data-savvy in applying advanced analytics to real-life business problems.

We supported by the Department of Analytics and Operation (DAO) under NUS Business School. Our members consist of undergraduates from difference specializations, be it finance, business analytics, marketing, or accountancy.

You may find our introductory slide deck here.

Our History


American Express

BACT collaborated with American Express to create a Tableau Dashboard to present their profits/losses in a comprehensive and interactive manner. Read more about it here

Academic research

Ongoing research with professors from the Business Analytics Centre (BAC), School of Computing

Data Science Challenge

Our club president Richard Kang was placed first runner-up in NUS Data Science Competition 2018

Lex Quanta

Collaborated with Lex Quanta in Law Analytics in the prediction of judgments based on historical cases.



BACT assisted Environmental Services Office of National University Hospital in the analysis of portering services within NUH and provided operational recommendations on allocation of manpower on daily portering schedules.


BACT provided survey analytics consultation to the operation department of Singapore Police Force.


BACT members used Tableau to help P&G to simulate trend analysis so that inventory forecasts became more accurate, reducing time spent manually monitoring inventory, saving P&G the stipulated cost of $2 million.



BACT worked with Datarama, a risk management platform that provides business intelligence to investors. BACT members proposed automated scraping of data using R, with a natural language processing prototype to reduce the amount of time required to extract data.


BACT participated in a yearlong project to provide our analytical consulting skills to O’Joy, a voluntary welfare organization for the elderly in Singapore to deliver data-driven recommendations.


BACT partnered SAS to host the SAS Analytics Competition with a turnout of more than 40 participating university teams.


NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team (BACT) was established.