BACT AY20/21 Sem 1 Group Photo

AY2020/2021 Projects

Having concluded our first semester, BACT is proud to highlight yet another one of our hands-on learning projects. During this project, our members applied previously taught skills such as data analytics and visualisation, optimisation, and webscraping. The given problem focuses on helping consumers search for their ideal hotels on hotel booking platforms such as Agoda and The teams were first tasked to identify factors that may contribute to a consumer’s decision to book a specific hotel (eg. price, amenities, location). Next, the teams extracted the data by scraping these websites. They then created a model that ranks hotels in terms of their value for money based on the consumers’ input preference.

We are pleased to feature our top two projects here:

Winning Project 1:
Done by: Valencia Awe, Teo Li Mei Joycelyn, Reiko Leow, Yeap Yan Shiang, Darren Mok

Winning Project 2:
Done by: Phoon Ruei, Soh Si Ying, Viriyo Satya Mangala, David Seah

NUS BACT AY 2020/2021 sem 1 out!! 🙂

Microsoft Machine Learning Workshop

Date: 19th March 2020
Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Venue: Mochtar Raidy Building, biz1 03-03 S(119245)