Excel Tutorial Series

The Excel Tutorial Series is an initiative by NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team. We want to help University Students learn fundamental Excel Skills at their own pace with a comprehensive and streamlined learning resource.

The guide is designed such that it will benefit those who are learning Excel for Internships. This tutorial file has been used in the society’s Excel Workshops conducted in NUS.

This tutorial was put together by Alexander Leong.




Click to download the Excel Tutorial Series – Working File


Landing Page
This will be the first screen that you will see upon opening the Working File. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you haven’t!01 - Landing Page

Using the Workbook
Click the “Answer” button to view the answers for each exercise
Click the “Reset” button to clear all answers so that you can try it again
Click the “Shortcuts” button to navigate between exercises in the same sheet
02 - How to use Workbook.png

Comments on each Sheet will share with you each Exercise’s objective and instructions.
03 - Comments by the Side.png

Comments under the Sheet “Pivot Table”
Follow the instructions line by line to learn how to use the Pivot Table Feature!04 - Large Comments

* Happy Learning! *