SQL Tutorial Series

The SQL Tutorial Series is an initiative by NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team.  We want to help University Students learn SQL at their own pace with comprehensive and streamlined learning resources.

This tutorial series was written by Ng Wei Xuan.

Welcome to BACT’s SQL Tutorial Series! In our previous tutorial publications, we have learnt many concepts from R, Python and VBA that deals with analysing and manipulating data to create insights. However, have you ever wondered, how do we even get all these data to analyse in the first place? Many companies store these data in their databases and we require a certain tool to get these data out before we can even carry out data analysis. The tool to do so is Structured Query Language (SQL).

The idea behind SQL is to write code, known as queries, to get the datasets we need. This is important considering that these databases are extremely huge in size and it is very inefficient to extract all available data from these databases without filtering those that you would really need. In this tutorial series, we aim to cover some of the key concepts in writing SQL queries.

This 7 part tutorial series will guide a non-programmer over the following topics:
SQL Tutorial 1 : “SELECT FROM WHERE” Framework
SQL Tutorial 2 : Additional criterias with the use of OR/IN/AND Functions
SQL Tutorial 3 : Aggregation Functions
SQL Tutorial 4 : “GROUP BY” & “ORDER BY” Functions
SQL Tutorial 5 : “HAVING” Function
SQL Tutorial 6 : “JOIN” Function
SQL Tutorial 7 : Summary & Cheatsheet