Tableau Tutorial Guide

The Tableau Tutorial Guide is a new initiative by NUS Business Analytics Consulting Team. We want to help University Students learn Tableau at their own pace with comprehensive and streamlined learning resources.

This guide was put together by Simon Hung.



Tableau is free for students. You can download it here:


Connecting Data
Basic Charts
Filters & Colors
Building a map view with geographic data
Level of Details
Dashboard & Interactivity
Present a Story
Uploading your Work


Visual Best Practices
Types of Calculations in Tableau
Top 15 LOD Expressions
Sankey Diagram (Advance – Only for those who like a challenge)


Tableau Viz of the Day
Tableau Viz Gallery
Tableau Desktop Documentation


UFO Sightings by National UFO Reporting Centre
Data Source:

Discover interesting insights with this data set: It can be anything, ranging from ‘average duration of UFO sightings across different countries’ to ‘types of UFO sightings over the years’.

If you’d like take ‘Year’ as a data point, you will need to extract the year from the ‘datetime’ data point. This can be done through string manipulation, column-to-text function or other methods within Microsoft Excel or Tableau. It is an additional challenge of this exercise. You are free to complete this exercise without using year as a data point.

Sample Answers will be released soon!