Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack is Data Analytics Team’s new initiative for AY17/18 Semester 2. Wolf Pack is a collaborative learning environment where members gather into small groups called Wolf Pack. Each pack will solve practical problems and learn Data Analytics tools independently.

By Ganesh Muthupalani
Wolf Pack is Data Analytics Team’s new initiative for AY17/18 Semester 2. NUS Business Analytics Society (BAS) should be a place where there is no leader, individuals share knowledge with other, and work on practical and exciting projects.

Slide2Slide7By Ganesh Muthupalani
For the next 5 weeks, each Wolf Pack will pick a problem to solve and then learn relevant skills to build a prototype. Wolf Pack’s activities are modelled after the Google Design Sprint Process. Read on to find out more!

Slide3Slide10By Ang Peng Seng
I am a Year 2 Student at NUS Business School currently in Wolf Pack. On 27-28 Jan 2018, my peers Ang Khay Wee, Leon Tham, Sakthi Ram and I joined the Hack&Roll 2018 hackathon. In this article, I share my team’s experience of building a movie recommendation engine in 24 hours.

Slide4facebook-emoticons-featured-image2.jpgBy Simon Hung
University students complaining about tough school life, relationship problems and about the competitive job market surely sounds familiar. We, university students ourselves, can relate to it. A group of us wanted to discover how NUS students’ emotions varied over a period. This article is an update on the group’s progress.

Slide5Slide11By Ganesh Muthupalani
We found something about Uniqlo prices that you never knew! The insights in this article were the product of a 1hr Data Analytics Challenge we conducted in our Wolf Pack session on 19-Feb-2018.

Slide7Slide12By Alexis Loh
Are you wrecking your brain over module mapping and deciding which University to apply for your Student Exchange Program (SEP)? As a group of NUS Business Students, these are exactly what we experienced and can relate to these hardships as well! Maybe we can offer you a faster and simpler solution to all your SEP module-mapping problems?

Slide7Slide14.jpgBy Nelson Lim
As students, we constantly gripe about boarding the bus to get to class on time, and while NUS is trying its best to resolve this problem, it still persists till today. We attempted to predict demand using Students’ timetable data!